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It Maybe Dopamine Afterall

Here is a tidbit of research from Dr. Blair Lamb’s newsletter.

Pain is Just Dop..amine

Researchers at University of Michigan studied the effects on the brain
after inducing pain upon normal subjects. The researchers induced pain
for 45-65 minutes by injecting a tracer into their jaw muscles.

They scanned their brains with a PET scan measuring dopamine receptors
in the brain before and during pain stimulation. They found that when
the pain stimulated the dopamine, the remaining dopamine receptors
were consumed. Those who had fewer remaining receptors in the brain
reported more pain. Those who released more dopamine in the study also
reported more pain.

The specific area affected in the brain was the top of the basal
ganglia. The more dopamine released into the basal ganglia in the
brain, the more the pain. Medications that affect dopamine receptors
have been used in treating chronic pain, and may suggest further
investigation or use. We shall see.

Information derived from Medical Post December 5, 2006, page 62


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