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A Cause for Headache Pain

Do you suspect that your terrible sinus allergy headache is causing your eye pain? Do your eyes feel like they are being pushed out of their sockets, moving them from side to side hurts, and your forehead throbs? Visual blurring, light sensitivity, redness, and tearing may all be present, but the eye doctor may say there is nothing wrong with your eyes. Believe it or not, these could all be symptoms of myofascial trigger points in the two muscles that stretch from the front of your collar bone to the back base of your skull on each side.

All too often, the horrific pain caused by trigger points is underappreciated, which is why they are often overlooked. Trigger points not only hurt when pressed, they also shoot pain to the nearby muscles.

Headache research in recent years is showing that the most common cause of tension-type headaches and one-sided throbbing migraines are myofascial trigger points in the neck and shoulders. In fact, trigger points can shoot pain to your forehead, the area around your eyes, your cheeks, your jaws, and even make your teeth feel like they all have cavities in them! If trigger points are present, the medication you take to relieve head pain is bound to lead to disappointing results. Yet, treating these tight, knotted triggers in your muscles may produce significant relief of your symptoms.
For treatment, try placing a warm, moist cloth or hot pack across your eyes while lounging back in a chair. You may also gently massage the muscles on the sides of your neck to loosen them up. Placing hot wraps on the neck/shoulder muscles may feel soothing as well. Ask a family member to give you a shoulder massage, or place a tennis ball between you and the wall to gently work out the knots in the muscles you cannot reach. Only use very light pressure at first until you know how your muscles respond. Then apply moist heat to the muscles to improve circulation and ease discomfort.

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