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Become A Proactive Patient

The Bella Online article for this will provide suggestions on how chonic illness sufferers can become proactive in their own health care.



How Dare She?!?!

Did you know that if you patrol the web more than 6 times a month looking for answers about your health that you are labeled as a ‘cyberchondriac?’ And to add salt to the wound, the author of the book, Medical Myths That Can Kill You-by Nancy Sniderman, MD, called you a fool for doing so! You see, I had to write a fair and dignified article on the Bella site, but I had to speak on what she said in this book.

I saw an episode of Mystery Diagnosis the other night, and it chronicled a girl’s life since birth. From the slightest touch, she would have breathing difficulties, and it was a tremendous task to keep her alive. In the end, she had a rare condition that had to be tested out of the country and only a handful of people had this illness (I don’t recall what it was, only the suffering that this child and her parents endured for years.) The doctor that diagnosed her wasn’t a specialist in her condition, in fact, he had not heard of it himself. So, how did he find out what was wrong with her? The mother had did an internet search of her daughter’s symptoms and found this condition. She faxed the information to her daughter’s doctor, and what did he do? Throw it in the trash? Call her a cyberchondriac? Dismiss her concerns altogether? Call her a fool? NO! He asked, “where did you find that?” It gave him a foundation to build on. He appreciated the information, and he was able to do further research which allowed him to develop a treatment plan for his patient.

How dare she? Do you know how many people would be dead if they didn’t cybersearch their symptoms?

I actually think that we intimidate them. We have the same access to most of the information that they have-only we have the time to find it. So GOOGLE on!

Are You A Cyberchondriac?

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