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The FDA Approves a Third Medication for Fibromyalgia

Well, it doesn’t work on dopamine, but it’s making fibromyalgia more real to unbelieving doctors and to the public. The medication is called
Savella or Milnacipran. We’ll see what the public has to say about it. When the FDA approves a drug that addresses dopamine, I’ll applaud then!


Book Review: I Want My Life Back!

I Want My Life Back! Perhaps you have shouted those words a number of times in your life. Read this book review to find out how to take your life back.

Fibromyalgia Friendly Diets

Weight Gain is common for many who live with fibromyalgia and CFS. But, not all diets are beneficial. Continue reading to find out my Top-3-Picks…

Reaching Out Website Review

Reaching-Out is a gem among support networks in the FMS/CFS community. Learn more about this great web site and the services they offer.


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