My article writing at Bella and here at this blog is volunteer. Although it’s fulfilling, I still have bills to pay. For years, I have been a direct seller, mainly as a way to develop new friends and to order products at a discount. But, when certain circumstances arise, I was able to use my “hobby” as a way to get us out of a hole. I even earned funds through direct selling to finish closing on our first home! So, when I developed fibromyagia in April 1999, my life changed and so did my finances. We were very ill prepared for these changes, but because I always had a “side hustle,” we were better able to weather the storm.

When I left the banking field to work for the school system as a school bus driver, my income decreased by 50%. If you think teachers are low paid, just imagine bus drivers! So, direct selling came to rescue once again. But, little did I know that driving the bus came with occupational hazards. I have been in several bus accidents (3 out of the 4 was not my fault, by the way). Because of this, my fibromyalgia has gradually gotten worse, so even the direct selling became difficult. I then begin to coach company owners who wanted to develop a direct sales model for their company and founded the Multicultural Direct Selling Alliance. The consulting was working well for a while; one of my clients went on Oprah with her product line. After working on several projects, I was wiped out; the fibromyalgia took over again. Besides, I had so many people try to take advantage of me by scooping me for “free” information rather than pay for it. I grew tired of working for free and turned the MDSA into a PR and resource network for direct sellers. It’s basically there to promote my business and a few friends businesses.

So here I am again trying to figure out which direct sales company to join next when the owner of Likisma Aromatherapy personally contacted me to launch the US Division of her UK-BASED company. At the same time, I was trying to figure out how to contact her because I was interested in aromatherapy to treat some of my fibromyalgia symptoms. As a result, I have sponsored people into the business and was able to start my own business after learning to create aromatherapy shea butter, soaps, and bath and body oils. Since fibromyalgia can cause Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, the aromatherapy products were the perfect solution to my reaction to other products created my major direct sales companies. I now serve as a Certified Herbalist recommending and selling herbs and related products.

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