Fibro Herbs Coming Soon!!!!

As the editor of the Bella online site, I receive requests from individuals that want to know what works for me. Many people don’t realize that some of the fibromyalgia symptoms can be treated with natural remedies. Why take Ambien when Lavender essential oil dropped on your pillow or a drop on the wrist can do the trick for most people? Why not take White Willow Bark instead of asprin?

Of course, not all products are created equal, and it can be a headache trying to determine which brand is quality. In light of this, I’ve decided to create a website that offers the products that I use on a daily basis-Fibro Herbs.
This site will provide you with information regarding alternative treatments and herbal solutions to fibromyalgia, CFS/ME, and the associated illnesses. Our monthly newsletter will feature an herb, essential oil, and a treatment each month. The newsletter begins September, so please visit the website and sign up, so that you won’t miss a thing.

The shopping site is under development, and the initial products will be featured by August 16, 2009.

So stay tuned!


Lyrica, Cymbalta, Savella for Fibromyalgia

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The Medication Crisis

I don’t care what anyone says: I loved me some Michael Jackson! I can’t believe he’s gone. I really hope that he’s not labeled a drug addict at death.

I remember one of my favorite singers Gerald Levert’s death. His was not a drug overdose, but from a drug interaction. I can’t begin to tell you the times that I felt funny or had to call the pharmacy after noticing that my pills were “different”. In one case, it was the wrong dosage. The physician wrote the prescription for DOUBLE the dose! After taking it as prescribed on the bottle, I noticed my heart was racing. So I called the pharmacy and we went over the medication. They had filled it exactly how it was written. They suggested that I call the doctor. When I did, that’s when it was discovered that the dosage was doubled. Needless, to say that was my last visit. The second occasion was when the pharmacy claimed that the prescription that I had a reaction to was correct, but in a smaller dosage than usual. To this day, I believe that it was the wrong medicine altogether. Too bad I didn’t think to keep a pill or two.

Whatever the case with Michael Jackson, either verdict will still make it difficult on those of us with fibromyalgia and other chronic pain. It’s rumored that he was taking a “cocktail” of 7 different medications. I guess when a person with fibromyalgia dies, people will say the same about us.

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Shingles and Fibromyalgia

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